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Tired of repeating everything you say?

Do you work with someone who struggles to be understood because of their speech accent?

At Clear Speech Specialists, our goal is to teach non-native English speakers exactly what to do differently in order to be clearly understood the FIRST time they speak!

Our emphasis is on training the standard "intonation" (or word stress, rhythm and musical cadence) of English, as this carries 60-70% of the meaning of your message to your listeners. Correct pronunciation of vowels and consonants is also emphasized, to polish your pronunciation and help listeners hear the words and phrases you intended. Do you avoid certain words because of the embarrassment you might experience if they are misunderstood? With a little polishing of your vowel pronunciation, you can speak without hesitation or fear!

Clear Speech Specialists offers effective, short-term American English speaking programs for corporations and self-referred professionals to help improve pronunciation in professional, public, and social speaking situations. Class size, format, and content varies to meet the needs and interests of our clients.

We offer group training sessions and individual (one-on-one) instruction as well as workshops that focus on specific pronunciation topics. Our courses teach Standard American English (SAE) intonation and pronunciation, also referred to as American Broadcaster English (as you might hear from news anchors on national television newscasts). This "accent" is considered a neutral accent, not strongly influenced by the regional dialects of coastal states or other regions. Our programs are designed to cover a wide range of learner interests from basic, introductory level learning to advanced level courses. We support and encourage clients' success and provide the means necessary to achieve greater speech clarity and reduced speaking frustration. Accent elimination is not our goal!

All training is conducted or supervised by a state licensed speech-language pathologist who is nationally certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

CSS, Inc. provides training in the following areas:

Foreign Accent Modification

Are you fluent in English but still misunderstood often?

Learn to apply rules of Standard American English (SAE) intonation and pronunciation (as well as voice quality and resonance modifications) to help listeners understand you the first time you speak. Learn to polish your grammar by using all the sounds in English words, so that past tense and plurals are marked in conversation. Keep your unique accent, but improve your speech clarity! Why? Because speech clarity impacts so much more than just speech!

Regional Accent Modification

If you were born in America and speak English as your first language, you may have a "regional dialect" that tells people where you are from just by your accent. In some cases, the non-standard pronunciation (or non-standard grammar) may leave a different first impression than you desire. Learn Standard American English pronunciation and improve your professional image!

Medical Terminology Pronunciation

Effective communication in the workplace is critical for efficiency. In some professions, where decisions are made under time pressure or emergency conditions, being misunderstood can compromise safety or waste precious time in a crisis. Take our specialized medical terminology courses (which also include common medical setting idiomatic expressions) to fundamentally improve clear, efficient communication among healthcare workers and between providers and their patients!

Figurative Language Usage and Idioms of American English

Do you speak English proficiently, but notice there are many phrases Americans use that make no sense to you? You may want to take one of our courses on idioms and figurative language. You'll work on pronunciation while learning what people mean when they say things like:

"That's over my head" or "Back to square one" or "Bite your tongue!", "It's touch and go", and others.

Potential benefits of pronunciation and intonation training:

For Employers:

  • Improved workplace efficiency and time management
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduced communication errors and revisions
  • Improved employee satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced communication tension and frustration
  • Increased safety and reduced risk for liability due to errors
  • Ability to utilize employee in public speaking or managerial role

For Professionals:

  • Greater speaking confidence with peers, supervisors and customers
  • Reduced frustration and embarrassment
  • Willingness to speak more often and share creative ideas
  • Potential for promotion or new leadership roles
  • Improved professional image and acceptance
  • Improved job security in the event of company downsizing

Why choose Clear Speech Specialists?

  • Class size and content customized to your corporate or professional needs and objectives
  • Industry focused vocabulary incorporated for rapid workplace impact
  • "Before and After" pronunciation testing for our individual "one-on-one" class format to objectify your success
  • Professional training by a licensed, experienced, and nationally certified speech-language pathologist
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate busy professional lifestyles (some evening and weekends available)
  • Your choice of location: at your workplace, corporate training center, or at our professional office
  • Most classes include professional workbooks and audio CDs for added value and return on your investment.Our materials can be used for additional practice, further self-directed study, or future "review" at your convenience. These materials are included in your class fees.
  • "Real life" application of newly learned information is central to our purpose.
  • Multi-level learning (introductory to advanced) meets varied personal speech clarity goals.
  • Eligibility for self-referred individuals to enroll in our Referral Bonus Program. Learn and Earn!